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My dances explore structure, its underpinnings and the human nature that

challenges, subverts and renews itself  within  these boundaries.


My various works have addressed: the seemingly unending gap between

communication and isolation; routines that give us feelings of safety but

which can also prevent us from noticing other subtle changes; remembering

and forgetting and what truth lies in the in between; tension between

resistance and our natural physical decline; and the contrasts

between abstract and literal dance.


Overall, I am interested in investigating and sparking movement vocabulary

that engages a common human reaction.  In the process of creation, I often

begin with my own experiences, transform them into movement and use

movement to find the composition.  Experiences, movement and choreography

are in conversation,  mutually influencing each other. I am vitally

interested in physical dancing and finding innovative ways to challenge

and invigorate new movement vocabulary that reveals shared concerns with

how we exist in our world now. There is alwaysan emotional content,  but

I let movement have its own abstract and multilayered relation to these

thoughts, images,  stories.  I let the body become the central place where

these layers come together; my intent is to project the emotional

underpinnings to the audience.

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