On 'Awakening' 

"This special gem ignited the evening."

LORI J. ORTIZ, Gay City News.

Published: June 28, 2007



 On 'On my own' 

"On My Own is a funny, trashy, beautiful piece by Ori Flomin with a simple but multilayered title." 




"Ori Flomin°òs trio on my own Flirts with camp sentimentality and a kinetic, lashing movement language."


Published: May 20, 2008




 On 'Command/Shift/Delete' 

"Command/Shift /Delete by Ori Flomin on the same program was a very smart piece as well, with an interesting mix of intimacy and distance between the all-male cast. Very appropriate for a work inspired by our technology-soaked world."

Posted by BARRY, on Nov. 08, 2003



 On '(the end.)' 

"...Flomin presented an etude in walking -- slouching, sauntering and swaggering from wing to wing Eventually, he returned to his marvelous opening theme of dancing angularly with his shadow until, like a struggle with death, he dissolved into it."

By MERYLE JACKSON, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Published: January 31st, 2005


"Ori Flomin wraps a private world around him."

Jennifer Dunning, New York times. March 15, 2001


"Ori Flomin moves with a terriers tenacity and a fine sense of detail."

Jennifer Dunning, New York times. January 20, 2000