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I am an independent choreographer, dancer, educator,  yoga instructor and a Shiatsu therapist based in New York City. I hold an MFA in dance from Tisch School of the Arts , NYU. 

At a young age I started dancing in my parents living room and created performances to the music of West Side Story and Tchaikovsky for my family and friends. This led me to study jazz, ballet and contemporary dance in my home country, Israel and have big dreams of making it in the big apple one day.

After finishing the military service, I was lucky to be featured in the musical hit, Peter Pan, my first job as a dancer. It gave me hope and some cash to move to New York City to pursue my dreams. I spent my first years attending classes and auditioning and In 1991 I was excited to join the amazing Stephen Petronio Dance Company, where I was a featured dancer for eight years and later, in 2005, I rejoined the company as assistant to the artistic director.

Over the years I also had the pleasure of dancing in works of great choreographers such as  Maria Hassabi, Neil Greenberg, Molissa Fenely, Tim Feldman, Helena Franzen, Michael Clark and Kevin Wynn among others.

In 2002 my first piece, Comfort Zone 1,  was selected  for Dance Theater Workshop's Fresh Tracks series which triggered my career as a choreographer. 

In my created work I explore the underpinnings of structure and human nature that challenges, subverts, and renews itself within our physical and mental limitations. I create intricate, expressive movement within detailed patterns and spatial design. I believe in the power of movement in its purest expression; movement as a manifestation of our inner consciousness and outer relationship to our world and community. 

My work has been presented in NYC at Gibney Dance, Movement Research at the Judson Church, LaMama theater and The Mix Festival among other venues.

I have presented my work and created many commissioned works across the USA and around the world in Europe, Israel Australia and India

I enjoy developing ongoing creative collaborative partnerships that cross cultural borders. This aspect of my practice emphasizes a dialogue between generations of artists, which is also the focus of my teaching. I believe that through communication and education, we push ourselves, our students and all involved into finding new expressions of physicality.

As a dance and yoga teacher I have been fortunate to teach various classes and workshops and share my knowledge extensively for acclaimed schools, companies and festivals in New York, the USA and internationally in Europe, Asia and Australia.

I pride myself on being a good listener and communicator and approach my teaching as a dialogue with the dancers. I include the use of imagery and humor so students can relate personally to my teachings but find their own voice through the experience in class.

My interest in body and mind connection lead me to study the art of Shiatsu therapy and I maintain an ongoing Shiatsu practice and offer sessions in New York City as well as around the world during my travels.  

As I became a committed professional in the dance field who is dedicated to movement and creativity, I never lost sight of that little kid, dancing in his parents living room. The joy that this art form has given me kept me enthused about sharing my knowledge and experience to communicate with and reach dancers and audiences around the world.

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