Rewind/Unwind(extended version )

Jack Crystal theater  - 111 Second ave, New York City

March 13, 14  7:30pm

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Dance classes at Gibney 

280 Broadway, New York City

April 6, 8, 13 , 14  10-12 




Rewind/Unwind(boxed edition)

Unique ten min performance event for two Audience members at a time

Feb 21, 22, 23


X - A new duet   - Jack Crystal Theater , NYC  - November 7,8

Performance of Together, together (Excerpt)

America-Israel Cultural Foundation 80's anniversary Gala

November 17

Dance Classes  -  CCNR - Lyon, France

Yoga, Dance & Shiatsu Workshops - PARTS Summer School - Brussels, Belgium

Performance of "Meeting You" with Helena Franzen -Suzanne Della - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dance Classes - Sasha Waltz and guests - Berlin, Germany


Dance classes - Stockholm, Sweden


Dance Classes for Cullberg Ballet - Stockholm, Sweden


Ballettakademien Summer Course, Contemporary dance classes for adv. and int. level - Stockholm, Sweden


Dance Classes at Gibney Dance, 280 Gibney - NYC, NY


Dance Classes at Chunky Move - Melbourne, Australia


Dance Classes at Lucy Guerin Inc. - Melbourne, Australia

Premiere of "Mangos, earrings and a glimpse of hope" new creation for LINK dance company 

Performance of "Together, together" by BA students of WAAPA

Teach at Terence Lewis Inc. - Mumbai, India


Teach at PlayPractice - Bangalore, India 

Performing of "Together, together" at Astor Place Alive Festival 

Showing of New work commissioned by Zenon Dance - Minneapolis, MN

Partnering Yoga Workshop at YourYoga - Minneapolis, MN

Dance Classes at Zenon Dance - Minneapolis, MN

Performance with Linda Sastadipradge - Melbourne, Australia

Dance and Yoga Workshops at Joint Adventures Festival - Munich, Germany

Performance of "Meeting You" with Helena Franzen - Greece

Dance Classes at Chunkymove - Melbourne, Australia

Yoga Classes at Lucy Gurein Inc. Studio - Melbourne, Australia

"Together, together" - New Piece performed by 20 SADC Dancers - Tisch NYU



Professional Classes at Chunky Move

Open Yoga & Dance  Classes at Lucy Guerin Inc. Studio - Melbourne, Australia

Swedish tour of "Meeting you"​ - Sweden

Creative Workshop at Gibney Dance - NYC, NY

Dance classes at Gibney Dance, 280 Gibney - NYC, NY 

Dance classes for Sasha Waltz and Guest - Berlin, Germany

Yoga and Dance Workshops at Joint Adventure Festival - Munich, Germany

Yoga and Dance Workshops at ImPulstanz - Vienna, Austria

Dance classes and Workshop at Tanz Quartier Wien - Vienna, Austria

"Meeting You" with Helena Frazen Performance - La Mama Theatre, NYC, NY

Dance classes at School of Modern Dance - Copenhagen, Denmark


Yoga Workshops at Yoga Centralen - Copenhagen, Denmark


Commission of new creation - Norway Dance School, Olso, Norway


Classes at Movement Research - NYC, NY


Spring Seminar at Vancouver Ballet Society - Vancouver, Canada


Commission of New Creation at London Contemporary Dance School - London, UK


Dance class at Mark Morris Dance Center - Brooklyn, NY



Dance classes at Gibney Dance, 280 Gibney - NYC, NY 


"the way out" (new creation) at Point Park University  - Pittsburgh, PA


Performance of "Meeting you " with Helena Franzen - Munich , Germany


Workshop and classes at Joint Adventure Festival - Munich , Germany


Classes at Movement Research - NYC, NY


Open dance classes at DanseHellerne - Copenhagen, Denmark


"FIRST MOVE" new piece by Ori Flomin (presented by Gibney Dance, Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center) - NYC, NY


Performance of “Meeting you” with Helena Franzen - Dance Museum, Stockholm, Sweden


Morning classes and Workshop at DansCentrum - Stockholm, Sweden


APAP Showing at 92streetY - NYC, NY

Out of Israel Festival




Draft Work | Excerpts of new work - Danspace and St. Marks Church , NYC, NY


Premiere of "MEETING YOU" with Helena Franzen - Gnesta, Sweden 


ImpulsTanza Festival  -  Vienna, Austria 


Joint Adventure Workshop Festival  -  Munich, Germany 


Dance classes at Gibney Dance, 280 Gibney - NYC, NY 


Dance classes at Steps on Broadway - NYC, NY


Guest teaching for Ballet de Lorraine – Nancy , France


Dance classes - Copenhagen, Demark 


Dance class for Sasha Waltz Compnay – Berlin, Germany 


Performance of New work at Movement Research at the Judson Church - NYC, NY


Dance class at Movement Research - NYC, NY


APAP showing at 92Street Y - NYC, NY


Dance classes at Tanzquatier - Vienna, Austria

 2009 - 2013 Highlights 

Premiere of "Toronto" at Dance Theater Workshop - NYC, NY

Guest teaching for Sasha Waltz and Friends -  Berlin, Germany


Barnard Project at Dance Theater Workshop

Performing at the Provincetown Dance Festival - Provincetown, MA

Dance and Yoga workshop at Impulstanz Festival - Vienna, Austria