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Created for Zenon Dance Company and premiered in June 2018. Choreography by Ori Flomin in collaboration with dancers. Dancers include Alyssa Kelly Soukup, Laura Osterhaus and Scott Mettille. 

Mangos, earrings and a glimpse of hope

Performed by LINK dance Company in Perth, Australia May 24 - 26, 2018.

Choreography by Ori Flomin in collaboration with dancers. Original music by Azariah Felton and additional music by Earth, Wind and Fire. Costume design by Rozina Suliman and Lighting design by Matthew Marshall.

One by one

Performed at the Mix Festival - June 11 2017

Presented by New Dance Alliance. Choreography by Ori Flomin in collaboration with dancers. Dancers include Madeline Wilcox  and Joey Loto. Music by Karl Linda.

Together, together

Performed in NYC - April 2017. Original score by Gregory Dolbashian 
and additional music by Max Richter. Costumes by Kat Jeffery.

Things Happen Just

February 3-5, 2016 - The Place, London Contemporary Dance School, London, UK

Dancers include: Sarah Brahim, Jade Brider, Charlotte Emms, Emma Farnell-Watson, Bethany James, Fern Moutrie, Matti Tauru, Leanne Vincent and Kyle White. Music by Kyle Olson. Costume design by Frances Morris and Lighting design by Michael Mannion.


First Move

March 11-15, 2016 - Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center, Gibney Dance

Choreography by Ori Flomin in collaboration with dancers. 

Performed by Hannah Button, Ori Flomin, Isaac Gonyo, and Colleen Thomas. Original sound score by Pierre de Gaillande and Gary Greenblatt. Lighting design by Joe Levasseur. 

"The Way Out"

November 2015 

Performed by students at Point Part Dance Department, Pittsburgh, PA. Music by Kyle Olson.

Hide, Move,  Doubt, Remember

March 10,  2014 - Movement Research at the Judson Church

Choreography by Ori Flomin in collaboration with the performers

Performed by Hannah Button, Isaac Gonyo, Colleen Thomas and Ori Flomin

Sound design by Gary Greenblatt and Pierre de Gaillande. song by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

 Deeper than skin 

April 11, 2013 - Mix festival at the Flea Theater

Performed by Carolyn Hall and Ori Flomin

This duet explores the experience of discomfort and the need for support, both physically and emotionally. We experience giving support, feeling supported, and seeking comfort both successfully and unsuccessfully. Layered physical complications and abrupt shifts are an external illustration of the changing internal dynamics of the performers.

 (in)Visible Spectrum 

April, 2013 - SUNY purchase Pepsi Theater

Performed by Purchase Dance Company 
Original Music score by Pierre de Gaillande and Gary Greenblatt

Created for Purchase Dance Company with a cast of 26 dancers, this piece plays with the  relationship of the individual to the whole group as one being. The gathering  evolves through the space as  dancers interact with each other. Ideas of perspective, proportion, distance  and symmetry are explored.


All we are

December 2010 - Dance Theater Workshop, The Barnard Project

Performed by Dance Students from  Barnard College

Music by: Jukka Rintamäki
Costumes by: Liz Prince
Lighting Design by: Tricia Toliver


 Significant Moments 

November 27, 2008 - Republic Theater

A full evening length piece created in celebration of SEAD(Salzburg Experiemental Academy of Dance) 15 year aniversary.  

The piece showcased all 120 students of the school.

Education, evolution, progress and communication were key words for the creation of this piece, issues that dancers face every day. We look back to move forward, we gather our experiences to become better, we share our thoughts to learn from one another, we remember special moments that make us who we are, so we can appreciate what we have and connect to the people around us.


 On My Own  

A male trio Danced by Antonio ramos, Adrian Clark and Ori Flomin.

Performed at:

In the Company Of Men, Dance New Amsterdam,  May 2008

DanceNow the festival at DTW, September 2007

Movement Research at the Judson church, January 2007

This piece is inspired by a look back to the Flomin's early dance influences and inspirations and how he views them now as a mature dancer/choreographer. It's driven from the contrast between abstract and literal dance, with a sparkly wink at old dance cliches.


May 2007

A piece for 13 dancers exploring the entity and unity of the individual and group; and how each individual is a unique being that is connected to a unique universe.

Performed by Studetns of SEAD((Salzburg Experiemental Academy of Dance) .


June 2007 - DanceMopolitan, Joes Pub

A duet danced by Amanda Wells and Ori Flomin.  This piece was part of the Petronio reunion show, Heros and Villans.

 (the end.) 

January to March 2005 - Performed in US and Japan

A solo performed by Ori Flomin and created for the US/Japan artist exchange program sponsered by Dance Theater Workshop and the Japan society.

This solo explores the body's shifting landscape through life stages, the tension between resistance and natural physical decline.


November 2003 - DTW's Split Stream

A male quartet performed, with Original score by Guy Yarden. The piece is about communication and discommunication in the age of advanced technology and multi tasking. How we try to do too many things at once and are sometimes unable to actually achieve anything. 



* Room for Hesitation  - A duet performed by Antonio ramos and Ori Flomin at the Provincetown Dance Festival. October 2008.


* Until we Meet again - A piece for 9 dancers created for students at DNA summer intensive program. July 2008.


* The rain falls and the sky Shudder - A piece for 12 Dancers. Performed by Students of SEAD. May 2008.


* Maybe - A piece for 9 dancers created for students at DNA summer intensive program. July 2006.


* Walking city, Standing square - A piece for 16 dancers created for the Barnard project at DTW.  November 2005.


* Closer Moon - A Piece for 18 dancers created for students at SEAD, Austria.

May 2004.


* Something from another place - A piece for 16 dancers, created for students at SEAD, Austria. May 2003.


* Comfort zone 1 - A duet performed by Steven Fetherhuf and Ori Flomin at  DanceTheatre Workshop, Fresh Tracks. December 2002.


* Lost before found - A duet in collaboration with Antonio Ramos performed at PS 122, New stuff. October 2002, Joyce Soho presents May 2005.


*I can't remember what I forgot - A piece for 11 dancers, created for students at SEAD, Austria, May 2002.

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