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I discovered Yoga in 1994 when a friend invited me join her to a class.  From that moment I was hooked and Yoga became an integral part of my life. I received my  yoga teaching certification from Bhava Yoga in 2002.

my Vinyasa  class  presents Yoga as an art, a science and a practice. A way for practitioners to deepen their knowledge of their own bodies and understand their connection with mind, breath and spirit. 


 Class description

You are invited to join this Vinyasa Yoga class to discover your own unique path and take a beautiful journey to help soften self-limiting mindsets and welcome joy into your heart.

 Over the years, I have been consistently amazed to feel how the mind opens in the practice of attention to physical and mental awareness that Yoga provides, and how this creates space for healing and a stronger self.

Through the class, practitioners are encouraged to intuitively follow their hearts and deepen their understanding and knowledge of their body and its connection with the mind, breath and spirit.

 Strong emphasis is put into our continued awareness of alignment and breath through the various postures, which will enable us to find new possibilities while maintaining a calm center that does not add stress to the body and mind.


 Flomin's yoga instruction has taken him to the following places 

Impulstanz, Dance festival  - Vienna, Austria 

Lucy guerin inc - Melbourne, Australia

Island Yoga - Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

SEAD, Director Susan Quin, Salzburg, Austria 

Improv festival, Paluca Schula - Dresden, Germany  

Sasha Waltz Company - Berlin, Germany  

PARTS -Brussels, Belgium 

ROSAS -  Belgium  

Charleroi Dance Company - Charleroi, Belgium 

Dance New Amsterdam - New York City, USA 

Bahva Yoga Center - New York City, USA 

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