Ori Flomin has been practicing Yoga since 1994.  He received a yoga teaching certification from Bhava Yoga in 2002.  

Flomin's Hatha Vinyasa  class  presents Yoga as an art, a science and a practice. A way for practitioners to deepen their knowledge of their own bodies and understand their connection with mind, breath and spirit. 



 Class description


The class begins with a brief chant followed by breathing exercises. followed by a thorough warm up of the entire body through sun salutations, helping the body to mold and shape into later poses. The class then moves to postures that strengthen and stretch the whole body: balance poses, standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions. The class finishes with a deep final relaxation. Some partnering stretches are also taught through the class.

Continued awarenes of using breath through challenging postures is emphasized.  This  enables practitioners to find a calm center and push their physical ability forward without adding stress to their bodies.



 Flomin's yoga instruction has taken him to the follwing places 


Impulstanz, Dance festival Vienna, Austria 

SEAD, Director Susan Quin, Salzburg, Austria 

Improv festival, Paluca Schula, Dresden, Germany  

Sasha Waltz Company, Berlin, Germany  

PARTS, Brussels, Belgium 

ROSAS, Brussels, Belgium  

Charleroi Dance Company, Charleroi, Belgium 

Dance New Amsterdam,  New York City, USA 

Bahva Yoga Center, New York City, USA