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"I have known Ori for the past 10 years and have had many of his incredible shiatsu treatments. Ori has magic in his hands.  His sessions are by far the best I have ever had . I travel frequently to Japan and Asia where I always book shiatsu sessions to combat jet lag ,fatique and insomnia. None of the sessions I have had in Asia compare to the ones I have received from Ori ! He is a true professional and I highly recommend him to anybody interested and in need of mental and physical balance and well being ."

Wolf Mertel


CTN Tours, Inc

New York


"Ori's Shiatsu sessions are heavenly and effective. He provides an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe allowing you to totally let go. 

Ori's years of dance experience and yoga were apparent in his knowledge of the body and how it moves. I feel so great afterwards, it leaves me wanting to come back for more!"

Shila Tirabassi

Professional dancer, yoga and pilates instructor


"There are those that do and those that are.  Ori is healing, graceful & gifted at what he does.  I treat myself to his shiatsu massage after and during tenuous productions.  I find that not only are his Shiatsu treatments helpful in unlocking stiff muscles, but Oris persona, hospitality, and delivery typically leave me feeling refreshed and revitalized."

Laurence Paverd

Plodive Productions LLC

227 West 29th Street 2nd Fl

New York, NY  10001

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